who and why

I am a photographer for fun, and a multimedia developer/designer for fun and profit (aka, my full time job).

I developed this site because I had this domain sitting around collecting dust so I decided to use it to tie some of my other artsy websites and online projects together with a bow. At work I needed to get up to speed with CSS3 and HTML5 so I thought this would be a great opportunity to jump in. See the special projects miscellaneous page for more detail on the nuts and bolts.

I plan on filling up the miscellaneous pages of each of the three sections with miscellaneous goodness so check back to see what's new.

Click the SWARDRAWS above to see the old original website or DRAWSWARD to see my (nearly) once daily photo blog.

Here I am on Twitter where I have all kinds of insightful things to say within 140 characters. Ok, not really insightful but whatever it is I am blathering on about, it is under 140 characters.