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This page will be a hodge-podge of all kinds of miscellaneous stuff. Wait for it....

Here is a special place to show off all my digital art that isn't photography. Click picture below.

Back when the kid was small, she liked to walk and walk around the car. Here is the family back then joining her in a race. Those with slower internet connections (like me) will have to be a little patient. The tool I am using to make the HTML5 friendly videos doesn't give me control to lower bandwidth so the videos are a tad on the large file size. I am sure you are saying, just put it on Youtube or something. I would but I am using a Cake song against copyright (no one is really watching it from here right?). I did this video in 2001 before I thought I would ever put it on the web for anything. It was just an exercise to learn Final Cut Pro at the time. The video wouldn't work with any other song.

Note: This site is a special project actually. I used this opportunity to use the domain I had hanging around for two years, to get up to speed in CSS3, HTML5 and a bit of JQuery. The only HTML5 I have used at this point is with the embedded video on the Scope Misc page. As for the CSS3, the titles on all drill down pages are using Font-Face, on every page I implemented rounded corners and drop shadows. The slide down navigation on the splash page is courtesy of JQuery. This is also my first attempt at total layout using CSS as opposed to the lazy, bad form, old fashion way of doing it in tables (it's about time). And in case you are wondering, that is my Rolleiflex camera, my kaleidoscope and my piece toast on the splash page ;-)