kaleidoscope miscellaneous

My obsession with kaleidoscopes are enough to support a miscellaneous page. I will probably put my coasters and greeting cards up here as well and maybe some photographs of actual kaleidoscopes I own. And maybe, if I ever get around to building real kaleidoscopes like I really want to and plan to some day, they will show up here as well.

First up however, is a video snippet of a project I did 10 years ago using QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) and Macromedia (Adobe) Director. There is no way to get it to work on the web in it's native form, so I screen snagged it and made this little video sample instead. It has been a long time since I seen this myself. If you are using an older browser (and probably all flavors of Internet Explorer), you may not be able to see this video since it was embedded using HTML5 and the older browser don't support the new technology.